PD + Mannpower Map set on an oil rig.

  1. Bakscratch

    The well-renowned petroleum drilling organization, GUMP (Global Unlicensed Manufacturing of Petroleum) located a new vein of extremely high-quality petroleum early Saturday morning. This vein located somewhere in the Southern Ocean could possibly generate billions of dollars’ worth of revenue. In record time, both RED (Reliable Excavation Demolition) and BLU (Builders League United) have managed to deploy forward operating bases in the immediate vicinity. This deployment has come as a shock to both the higher-ups and shareholders at GUMP, as they initially planned to reap the spoils themselves. While GUMP may have to scramble to hire mercenaries, both RED and BLU have come prepared. As a result, while tensions between RED and BLU rise astronomically, a tiny area in the Southern Ocean could soon turn into an all-out battleground.


    Gump is a Mannpower/Player Destruction map that tasks players with capturing dropped oil cans from the opposing team and depositing them at a submarine that emerges at set positions along the middle of the map. Set in an oil rig, players must avoid falling into the freezing water and use the verticality of the map to gain an advantage. The map is designed around core mechanics of Mannpower, meaning players must utilize their Grappling Hook and any power-ups they can snag to assist them in victory.

    We hope you enjoy the map - it has been fun visiting a relatively unexplored theme in the TF2 universe. We also hope this can introduce some people to the PD and Mannpower gamemodes. We hope this can inspire people to explore new themes and try using Mannpower in new ways.

    Thank you for looking at the map, We hope you enjoy it!
    - bakscratch

    You may also need to type in commands;
    "tf_grapplinghook_enable 1" Enables Grapple Hook
    "tf_powerup_mode 1" Enables Power Ups

    bakscratch - Level design, artpassing and assets
    rabscootle - Feedback, ideas and assets
    drew - Models
    boba - Particles
    boomsta - Feedback, layout and assets
    Krazy - Assets
    Diva Dan - Assets
    Yacan1 - Ideas and art
    DeRosaJ - Assets
    DatGmann - Assets
    Stachekip - Sound
    AsG_Alligator - Pipe Models
    Purp - Lore and testing

    - Open Fortress Community
    - TF2 Emporium
    - TF2Maps​


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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: RC2
    Stunning map presentation, reminds me of de_blackgold from CSGO. Also makes me want to play Mannpower for once, PD suits it better than CTF. I loved the vertical play with grappling hooks more than official maps. It feels like an actual trade off between mobility and being combat ready because of CQB and upper platforms to reach. Not to mention the fighting happens quicker than on CTF. Gump better find its way into an official update.