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KOTH_Rotation B1

A large map with a massive center chamber chracterized by its Rotating platforms.

  1. I Darkstar X
    KOTH_Rotation is my second map, be gentle. But not too gentle.
    I wrote a little lore for the map, if anyone is interested.
    This large map is artistically unique from the source material. Whether or not that's a good thing I'll let you decide.
    The RED and BLU teams each start in a small spawn room with exits on either side, being exit "A" and exit "B". "A" leads straight to the central area, with a secondary route leading to a pair of Teleporters that transfer players who go through to the main area, though in perhaps not the most advantageous positions.

    The main area houses the control point and has four exits. two lead to each team's spawn. One leads to a closed area where the Secondary Objective is housed. capturing this as either team will block off the most basic route to the center area, requiring the opposing team to use the Teleporters or exit "B". (I will return to the fourth exit from the main area in a minute.)

    Speaking of exit "B", it leads up stairs, with two separate stair cases. One goes up over the spawn room that allows one to sneak through ducts to reach the Teleporter room. The other leads a bit further into a special area where players can use a speed tunnel to rush them to the fourth exit area, which acts as a relay for those exits and access to the well-defensible position in front of it in the central area. (Yes, those ladders "work". No, I'm not responsible for any broken limbs if one tries to go down them.)

    It is also important to note the high ceilings and long sight ways are favorable to Jumpers (Soldiers and Demos, and Scouts and Pyros w/ proper equipment,) and Snipers. Flanking routes, fortifying ground, and keeping track of enemies will carry you to victory more than a grandmaster Genji in an all-bronze match.

    And above all, remember: THE ABYSS WELCOMES YOU.
    Dev Logs for those of you who want to see a bigger picture.


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