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  1. Hectic Morder

    achievement_idle_awesomebox10 1.0

    Hello everyone "Note" that this map is currently Still in testing This is an edited version of achievement_idle_awesomebox with lots of added content with inspiration from other edited versions of this map with my spin on it I felt with some of the other edited maps had areas where players...
  2. _J_

    achievement_idle_sandbox 1.00

    achievement_idle_awesomebox is a great map. It has been a staple map in the community idle/trade servers. Lot of community use awesomebox as a base and make their own version. Some with minor adjustments or others with major changes. Awesomebox has a lot of things going for it. Close spawns...
  3. Clawthorn3

    Idletest V 2.4

    Hi there. Would you like to sign my peti... wait, that's not what I wanted to tell you. I was tired about the old Itemtest, so I thought "I'll edit this itemtest and maybe give it an upgrade". After several attempts (and sometimes I lost the map save file, then I had to start all over again) I...

    Achievement Idle Neon & Ben! v29

    A facility that encompasses lavaworks, railways, and lots of places to explore while you do whatever you want; whether it's to idle, kill, or trade. Originally made in 2015, Neonheights, made the base version of this map, and soon after releasing it, he had let me develop it further. After many...
  5. disckord

    cp_playground b1

    A castle themed symmetrical 3cp map. The red and blu sides are competing for ownership over old castle land. The red side with their down to earth preservative practices, and the blu side, with their industrial, business orientated commercial practices. Who will take ownership? (as of beta 1...
  6. The Pansmith™

    How to make a infinitely looping payload track?

    How would one make a payload track w/ a payload on it that would loop, without any form of timer. I trying to make a idle/trade map, but when I attempt to preform this, TF2 crashes. Thank you in advance
  7. Acacius

    trade_avast v1

    My first map- a simple trade map. The lighting is different than most, as this map has more of a sunset skybox as opposed to an ordinary bright, sunny day. This map would suit small and large servers alike. Features of the map: Large spawn rooms with trigger_hurt entities (which allows for...
  8. Chuckles the Pyro

    River A3

    I've uploaded an idle map before but I didnt like it one bit so I gave it another shot with River, dont be fooled by how open it is there is plenty of close quarter battles to be fought around the point and idle zone. Many people dislike Idle maps but they fail to realize they are just a fun...
  9. Thombisa

    idle_achievement_neon 2016-07-02

    (WARNING: This map is first map!) im Too Lazy to Create map TF2!
  10. E

    Hello Firmament

    I think we need more Idle Maps.
  11. Chuckles the Pyro

    Everything Idle A1

    This isnt anything special just a quick map for an idle server or something so yes the sightlines into spawn ARE deliberate and the openness too, hope someone enjoys it.
  12. paperchaos

    chill_cabin b1

    Tired of boring stock maps for server events? then try out chill_cabin! sit back and relax and enjoy menu features such as: Mini games! Music! secrets! and many other features! There's also a convenient admin room that requires buddha or noclip to control the music.