achievement_idle_awesomebox10 1.0

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achievement_idle_awesomebox10 1.0

Great old map added my spin on it

Hello everyone

"Note" that this map is currently Still in testing This is an edited version of achievement_idle_awesomebox with lots of added content with inspiration from other edited versions of this map with my spin on it I felt with some of the other edited maps had areas where players were not using at all the canter point is more used where the cap flag is located I figured that I would focus more in that area giving more options to do stuff without leaving the local battle I have kept to the layout of the map reasonably the same as to keep this same feeling as the old but new

When running this map on your server I would recommend lowering the gravity as there are surfing activities within the map also if any server operator wants this map to be on your server please give me feedback as I will update when I can

List of addons/changes a lot to list ill do as much as I can remember
:Added spawn protection for red and blue :Added shadows and lighting :Fixed lighting in some areas :Added no eng building zones in spawn area and unwanted locations :Replaced old textures with new colours :Added doors for red and blue spawn :Added door logic/team protection :Removed old train :Added tractor with Saxton :Added train path :Moved map to new squadron :Removed out of place textures :General optimize of map "can only do so much with a box map" :Changed the size of the map :Added more detail in spawn :Added pool and health packs outside :Added boxing arena and portals :Added jumping ramps (for surfing) :Added more surfing ramps :Added Disco area :Removed old pool and random pathways :Added ladders :Changed parameters

Want to send me feedback or just chat here are the places you can contact me

Discord: HecticMorder#9799


achievement_idle_skbox_v33_d_d Disco area
achievement_idle_skbox_v33_d_d Boxing arena
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