pd_overpass A2.1

A urban highway themed Player Destruction map with a CTF twist.

  1. Monoko
    One of my first maps, this is a player destruction map with added CTF cases to add a new kind of objective to the map, as opposed to taking the objects to a point that comes and goes every so often. The themeing is meant to be a snowy night time sort of urban area with a focus on he mercs taking money from each other. Mid has a heavy focus on high and low ground and the fun little gimmick of a highway with cars running though it that can kill the player while also giving them the strategic high ground if they can handle said cars. The player picks up team colored bottles, which will be changed in a later version to a more thematic and appropriate object, in order to gain points to win. The map's ply style is sort of meant to go into a more urgent state when one team gets enough to win, forcing the enemy to try and steal their intel to stop this from happening. The map is in very early alpha and will be dramatically different when actually finished and any feedback is direly appreciated.
    Overpass_a1 image 1.png Overpass_a1 image 2.png Overpass_a1 image 3.png Overpass_a1 image 4.png Overpass_a1 image 5.png