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72hr Jam 2022 burgah b2

"Oh woah, Crummy's Burgahs?"

a "standard" pd map made for the 72hr jam, started on day 2 with about 45 hours on the clock. used to be a weird invade ctf/pd hybrid
last 72hr update: 14:45:40

(quote from Jerma)
First release
Last update
Previous 72hr Entries

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Latest updates

  1. gamemode change (kinda) - also final 72hr update

    -changed the weird invade pd thing to just standard pd. there's a capture area in the middle that takes 52 seconds to enable, and is up for 34 seconds. (watergate times) -more detail! -clipping -lighting changes in some areas -repacked this time...
  2. b1 - last 24hrs

    -modified some pickups -added a light to both sides -started detailing -added some more cover near the bridge area -modified some displacements and more... :jimijam: