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In-and-Out Detailing 2021 - Pdan4's Entry - Early Shift 001t

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In-and-Out Detailing 2021 - Pdan4's Entry - Early Shift 001t

Explore your outer self. Just a bit.

Thanks to @Krazyzark for their cars pack!
Huge thanks to [COLOR=#ffcc99]@FloofCollie[/COLOR] the frogchamp for finding out how to avert the silent crash!

Unfortunately I did not have the time to finish this map entirely.
Exterior: 80% complete. Interior: 30% complete.

This map has both a crash and cache issue for some players if joined normally. So, join the map as spectator, then exit (don't use 'retry'), then load it in and then join normally. Be sure to check out that dump truck behind you, then go inside the building. Noclip out the big exit you see and then follow the path to the right. You'll also need to noclip to check out the revealed path when you solve the puzzle!

This map contains a simple puzzle (via player touch)! There is a "key" and a "lock". One thing obvious is revealed, and another thing requires noclipping downwards.

˙ǝuo ƃuᴉssᴉɯ ǝʇᴉɯƃɐlɐʇs ǝɥʇ oʇ ǝǝɹʇ pɹᴉq ƃᴉq ǝɥʇ uᴉ ɹɐǝƃ ǝɥʇ ƃuᴉɹq

The skybox texture is made out of displacements of solid colors with alpha blending. There are no custom materials used!

What the map was supposed to be like:
You arrive in the parking lot of the Skibotn Observatory for an early shift. You are on the peak of a mountain in a large, icy range. The sun is setting behind you and the sky is clear, with some snowing (no floating forest). You walk into the research center. You walk past your coworkers' desks and arrive to the control panel for the telescope. You activate it and the telescope begins tilting towards the heavens. But a great flash of light occurs, and you walk into the observatory proper. Something has torn the dome and there's flooding in the room. You climb the steps to the rim, to find a swamp and lake at the level of the dome. An immeasurable amount of time has passed. Global warming managed to turn the frost of Finland into a jungle. You find that the jack-o-lantern by the front doors had managed to propagate on that side of the dome, even some thousands of years later. You also find that some people had explored this area and made a shrine out of gears, but one is missing. You find a massive tree guarded by wild parrots, enshrined with hubcaps. One of the gears has been stolen by them. You retrieve it and place the it on the shrine, revealing a hole. You fall into a cavern with cave paintings. You find a hole down to the control room and knock a stone onto the lever to move the telescope back where it was. You crawl outside to find the sun and stars rapidly spinning as time progresses in the wrong direction yet again. And then a UFO shows up and takes you away (and then you'd be able to explore its interior if sorse limits allowed). That would explain where the people went and what the cave painting means, you think, as you see Earth fade away through a window into the deep void of space.

All particles are mine and are unreleased currently.

If you want to use this BSP as-is, you may do so with credit and a link back to this page. If you want to edit the BSP or use something from within, contact me.
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