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72hr Jam 2022 The Face of Wheat (Incomplete) 2017-02-12

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72hr Jam 2022 The Face of Wheat (Incomplete) 2017-02-12

Incomplete project w/ preview & explanation

The Face of Wheat:

What is it? - A slice of bread, inspired by what people do to their cats and put a slice of bread over the head for something funny to look at.

Classes? - Heavy or all-class, but mostly all-class

Styles? - There are 2 styles; Baked/Original, just the slice of bread and nothing special. The second is a reference to the Love and War update, the update that brought us bread with tumors, so it would be neat if it had tumors added on through the front and back of the slice.

Important note: This was intended to be a fully done project, and I would've had the ambition to finish it by the release time. Due to the countless failures and confusion on installing Crowbar for screwing with files, I wont make the deadline no matter how much I try. So here's concept artwork I made so you people looking at this know what's going on with it. Potential release should be around March to April at latest. My apologies...
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