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cp_railgun A4

There aren't any brakes on this murder train!

  1. I Darkstar X
    The latest of my I/O Boss battle creations, enter the Rail-Gun!

    With magnetic treads (Mainly because having circular wheels used too many triangles) and a compliment of devastating cannons and miniguns, this hunk of iron is not to be trifled with!

    But fret not! You can kill him! Railgun has 5 hardpoints with 1500 health each sprinkled over his body. Destroy all five to remove him from the equation. Beware, though! As you destroy the hardpoints, He will become enraged and fire increasingly faster!

    Railgun has four attacks, and aims at and attacks at both Red and Blu owned points independently. Two cannons that fire a burst of five fast-moving shells, four fire-linked miniguns, and one Super-Caliber cannon, which, though rarely fires, penetrates terrain, and deals 250 damage in a single burst. It has an AOE as well, so watch out!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Gravidea
    Version: A3
    Loving this map's concept! The landscape to the map makes it so that you can take cover while the train is firing at you. The only thing I'd say to change really is to lessen the screen shake while the train is firing or just turn it off entirely. The sound is enough to let people know that the train is firing in my opinion. Other than that, this is pretty awesome so far!
    1. I Darkstar X
      Author's Response
      The screenshake is for cinematic effect, but I will take halving it under deep consideration, thank you ^^