alpha 2

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  1. NotGsuper

    Mid Flank Alpha 3

    A simple King of the Hill map with two main interconnected paths, which then fork into two entraces each, one of which is a flank with a full health pack, rewading anyone who takes control over it. Just beware of the snipers when picking it up.
  2. WillowSounds

    koth_trashhaven_a3 A3

    My very first map, just a basic KOTH map, still trying to learn scale, distances, cover and sightlines. It's called "trash haven" because I want this to be a scrapyard of some kind, once I start decorating.
  3. FlyingEngineer

    Overclock A4

    Overclock is a 5cp map based on 5gorge. It is currently under development and things can change. Spawn rooms are currently detailed as practice.
  4. *Turns into crocodile*

    Ore a2


    shining a4

    Shining takes place near a lakeside, that is filled with microscopic creatures that will kill you instantly. The pier gives a beautiful sight on the deadly lake.
  6. Ovalos™

    koth_Stock B1

    A small KOTH map with a good amount of verticality and a water section in the middle. Originally named stockpile, I changed the name because there was another map already using it (Although I didn't find it on the workshop so I didn't notice). The map is a bit underdetailed, but I think the...
  7. 8BEATER | SFM

    Earlyshine A4

    ATTACK DEFEND 2 CP MAP A pretty long wide and open map with a lot of routes for attackers, similiar to Gorge. 2 Control points, first one is indoors, second one outdoors. The map is set in the morning. Look at the screenshots and play it yourself.
  8. Rickedy Split

    koth_sheldon_a5a a5a

    A Koth map which I've worked on for a bit, I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to leave any feedback, I need it to improve the map (please be specific when pointing out bugs or issues, and if you can, supply coordinates of any bugs you find, thank you!) Note: This map is shit, and isn't...
  9. Mythics

    ClockWork A2

    "In in the middle of nowhere lies the town of Egad. The only thing important the town has to its name is its clock tower. Yet no one wants to man the clock tower, and soon, what was a friendly game of rock-paper-scissors, snowballed into war after an argument of whether one guy played scissors...
  10. ThatOneOwl

    Granite a3_hotfix_1

    "Once upon a time this place used to be a massive storage for unrefined ore that was gathered by local miners around this region. Unfortunately, the ore got depleted, and the warehouses were closed for good. Some time later, RED and BLU bought off those buildings for a very ridiculous price...