Granite a3_hotfix_1

Linear Symmetrical CTF

  1. ThatOneOwl
    "Once upon a time this place used to be a massive storage for unrefined ore that was gathered by local miners around this region. Unfortunately, the ore got depleted, and the warehouses were closed for good. Some time later, RED and BLU bought off those buildings for a very ridiculous price, repaired them, and started using them for their own sinister purposes."

    Please note: This is my very first map realease, which means that this map may cause some unrest in some of you due to some basic noob mistakes, made during creation.

    Since this is my first map, I will try to appeal to as many people as possible, by maintaining and upgrading this map to make it even more appealing. I encourage you to leave any form of feedback and advice if you can, so that I could improve my map-making skills and provide you even more amazing maps to play on.

    Thank you and have a pleasant time at my map.



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