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  1. @Psycho on Steam

    Rocketman 1

    Glitch style artwork of the Soldier by me.
  2. Wolcamo

    Goodnight v2.1

    Have you ever been to one of those university art museums? 'Goodnight' is a 5 Capture Point map that accidentally creates that feeling, as this is my second published map ever that involved more experimenting with texturing and changing up map geometry. This map is a small, cozy little treat...
  3. Void

    sky_yuki_01 2017-12-30

    Uploaded before the cutoff for the Connect-5 contest. Skybox made with intent for a snowy Japanese setting, but is not limited to such. Zip includes textures and a VMF containing light_environment, fog, shadow, and tonemap settings.
  4. C

    detail_corvatile_72hrs_2017 2017-08-06

    Like last year, I just made a purely aesthetic entry. This map is a detail scene of a spytech missile silo somewhere beneath the Teufort badlands. Made in a couple afternoons. This was mainly an attempt to experiment with complex brushwork and angular geometry seeing as most of my maps tend to...
  5. RodionJenga

    Recloak A2

    What's new for A2: -Changed name from cloak to recloak -Added 4 more control points -Made the control points more accessible (added spires and mid-bridge) -Snapped all geometry to grid, resized things to normal sizes and not 136hu or something -Used more than 10 textures, including non-red...