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Goodnight v2.1

Have you ever been to one of those university art museums?

Have you ever been to one of those university art museums? 'Goodnight' is a 5 Capture Point map that accidentally creates that feeling, as this is my second published map ever that involved more experimenting with texturing and changing up map geometry.

This map is a small, cozy little treat with some added verticality and traveling from last time I made something.

If you have any notes on how this map might be broken, go ahead and leave them in the comments after giving it a playthrough. I will probably be making an Attack/Defend variant that I will link once this is updated fully.

Change notes:
(Version 2)
-Geometry adjusted for breathing room.
-Vent doors work now. For some reason having a lip of -2 caused them to stop working.
-Some glass at midpoint changed so that it's not as confusing to tell if an enemy is behind a wall.
-Got rid of some dev textures that were left over.
-There's a grassy 'outside' now
-Railings for base point have been raised, and some added clipping boxes for smoother play space.
-Teleporter placement mats!
-Environmental soundscape
-Some Lighting tweaks
-Optimization; changing some unseen textures to nodraw and changing some missed minor brushes to func_details
-...And even more things I might have forgotten!

itch.io page: https://skull-kracker-studios.itch.io/cp-goodnight
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Latest updates

  1. After Playtesting Notes

    The map is too small, simple as that. Texturing needs some work since some glass was invisible, and textures for floors ended up being wall textures somehow. nobuild areas on ramps have been removed, as well as getting rid of the vent. Vent will...
  2. Thanks Valve!

    Same version as v2, just uploading this without the capital letter in the file so the discord bot works. This is probably the only technical issue I've had with this map so far...