jump_ninjacookie final

A semi-advanced jumping map for Soldier consisting of 19 levels, inspired by Jurf.

  1. Ninja Cookie

    jump_ninjacookie is a jumping map created within a couple months of work using custom textures and props, created by me.
    The map is designed for Soldier, with Demo friendly platforms, consisting of 19 levels, inspired by Jurf. The map has a built in timer which tracks your time through the map from the first time you leave the floor up until the final exit door at the end of level 19.

    The map can be played either Online or Offline with equal experience. Players who have entered the timer Online will be the only one to have access to the ending timer to stop the clock, other players can override this by stepping into the red area after the timer has begun.

    Falling damage type has been disabled and restocking sounds have been removed for a better jumping experience.
    NOTE: Please do not attempt to change the maps name as it will break some functions listed above.



Recent Reviews

  1. Obvious
    Version: final
    really enjoyed this map
  2. Anonymous
    Version: final