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  1. ODSP

    72hr Jam 2022 [SFM] What a Beautiful Duwang

    Custom Model Resources: Clouds: Timeless Thief: Prop Pack The Homes: SFM_SUBURBIA - A Team Fortress 2 Neighborhood The Lamp posts and the sidewalks: "Observer" Spy Set SFM Assets Map: Flatvoid Heavy's gibbed hand: Expanded Gibbed Characters Trees: Autumn Oak Trees (Hard to See)Red Bread Van...
  2. The Fancy Fedora

    72hr Jam 2022 BLU Soldier (TF2Jam entry) 2017-02-10

    Created in like 5 hours for the 'Winter 2017 72 hour TF2Jam' this was originally going to be soldier pointing the shotgun at the camera which would be lower down but I wanted more detail in the background and the side view looked better to me. Picture on my Steam Profile...