Yikes A2

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  1. The 'Crash' Update

    Last test, a lot of people were crashing to desktop. Not sure what caused this but hopefully it's fixed now, as i've tried to perform optimisation on many map elements.

    -Removed buggy model in blu spawn
    As most people who crashed were on BLU, i figured that this may have been the cause.

    +Optimised map logic
    It was spaghetti in some parts, straightened out a lot of it.

    +Reduced respawn times

    +Increased event frequency

    -Removed 'rare skeletons' event

    +Chance of portals appearing during event is now 66%, up from 50%

    -Chance of skeletons appearing during event is now 33%, down from 50%

    +Moved underworld exit portal further back into the wall to prevent players from accidentally jumping into the pit

    +Several clipping fixes

    +Lowered map file size from 17mb to 11mb
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