Wrought a1a

Foundry-ish themed mvm map.

  1. Cytosolic
    My entry into the Mappers Vs Machine contest.

    A long forgotten factory complex holds a vital secret - or not. But either way it doesn't matter because an army of robots seem to think it does.
    Help defend Mann Co and turn some robots to slag.

    The map is loosely based off the figure eight path design where the bot paths cross over each other half way through.

    The map has a normal, an intermediate, and an advanced difficulty pop file. All taken from Decoy's pops for testing purposes.


    1. mvm_wrought_a10009.jpg
    2. mvm_wrought_a10008.jpg
    3. mvm_wrought_a10007.jpg
    4. mvm_wrought_a10006.jpg
    5. mvm_wrought_a10005.jpg
    6. mvm_wrought_a10004.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Reupload
  2. A1a - A few fixes