Woodlot A5

Rotationally-symmetric Alpine KOTH designed by me, built by me, and you best hope not pointed at you

  1. A4 -> A5

    • Reduced point cap time and adjusted respawn times.
    • Reworked displacements, lower tunnel/connector between the two big houses, and the shack on point
    • Changed spawn geometry
    • Changed lighting and skybox
    • Adjusted health and ammo
    • Repacked map, ~9 MB down to ~4 MB
    • Updated localization files
    Known issues:
    • func_respawnroomvisualizers on both spawns don't render properly from some angles
    koth_woodlot_a50002.jpg koth_woodlot_a50003.jpg ...
  2. A3 -> A4

    • Adjusted lots of widths and heights (particularly for balancing and aligning to grid)
    • Added another way to get into mid from yard
    • Removed a way to get into yard from spawn
    • Reworked bridge buildings
    • adjusted detailing and lighting
    koth_woodlot_a40000.jpg koth_woodlot_a40001.jpg koth_woodlot_a40002.jpg
  3. Updated to A3

    Two years in the making...
    • Reworked most of the map to address scaling issues and improve gameplay
    • Removed displacements (will add them back later)
    koth_woodlot_a30003.jpg koth_woodlot_a30008.jpg koth_woodlot_a30009.jpg koth_woodlot_a30012.jpg
  4. A1 -> A2: Woodlot is now skinnier

    This update generally addresses issues of overscaling and excessive sightlines.
    • Reduced width of spawn yard by roughly a third
    • Reduced width of midpoint area by 256 HU (roughly an eighth)
    • Removed some cover around the point to open it up a bit more
    • Added some more cover in the lower main area so it's not so open. It should now be easier to fight to the point
    • Updated spawn building - made smaller and removed two doors
    • Completely redid the big building on the right...