Woodlot A5

Rotationally-symmetric Alpine KOTH designed by me, built by me, and you best hope not pointed at you

  1. A1 -> A2: Woodlot is now skinnier

    This update generally addresses issues of overscaling and excessive sightlines.
    • Reduced width of spawn yard by roughly a third
    • Reduced width of midpoint area by 256 HU (roughly an eighth)
    • Removed some cover around the point to open it up a bit more
    • Added some more cover in the lower main area so it's not so open. It should now be easier to fight to the point
    • Updated spawn building - made smaller and removed two doors
    • Completely redid the big building on the right side as you walk out of spawn
    • Reduced the height of many background buildings, which helps the map to feel less overscaled
    • Blocked some sniper sightlines
    • Fixed an unwalkable displacement
    • Clipping fixes
    • Adjusted health and ammo placements
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