72hr WinterJam 2017 - Themed SFM Poster 2017-02-12

A Themed SFM Poster for the WinterJam 2017

  1. MissAlicia

    I made my first SFM poster to try something new and to thank the TF2Maps.net community for welcoming me. It took me very long considering that I had no idea how SFM worked when I started making this.

    I watched a lot of tutorials & guides, and I'm very proud of the result.

    I chose to make it TF2Maps.net themed, the Heavy, Sniper, Engineer and Medic are map makers that is having a discussion about a map, when suddenly a blue soldier starts attacking them.

    They're wearing the "Map Maker's Medallion" to make it look like they are map makers. The other cosmetics are just there to make them look better.

    I want to thank my friend Dé-Jà-Vu, for helping me with the light settings in this poster.

    - MissAlicia

    (In the "Additional Information URL", there's a link to some pictures as proof of me making the poster.)


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  1. shinso #3 years of tf2
    shinso #3 years of tf2
    Version: 2017-02-12
    Considering this is your first ever time using SFM, I really think you're a talented artist and can go far in this, I hope you continue doing it :)