Well_event rc4

What horrors await you in the Hotels of Hell...?

  1. Final update(???)

    Updated to RC4:

    - More aesthetic/lighting adjustments: New front doors, better lighting of the flooded basements etc.
    - Replaced the loud soundscape at last with one that is much quieter.
    - Replaced the recolored BLU wallpapers with my own variant.
  2. Small update before Halloween

    Tried to address the feedback regarding the color correction in this update. All the dark wooden beams (with the burnt wood material from Mann Manor) have been replaced by beams with a much lighter value, thus greatly reducing the previously garish contrasts between the beams and the walls.
    I found that when working with the cc from Lakeside Event you really have to be careful with the contrast in the texture palette - Lakeside itself has a palette of low contrasting, warm textures which...
  3. Quick Update

    Updated to rc2

    Only minor visual fixes and some new menu photos.
    Currently working on some hotel themed props to spice the map up a little.
    that's it
  4. Now up on the workshop

    Finally - the map is now on the workshop!
    It has been a long road... but I believe the map is done now for good.
    I was hoping I could get it out a little bit earlier. As it stands now, I don't really think it has a chance to be picked for the Halloween update (especially with all the...
  5. Out of the darkness

    So here's a quick update that was originally scheduled to be released Friday, but I suddenly had to attend an Oktoberfest party (that already started 12-AM) instead. So instead I postponed the update. Life is tough life huh?

    Now on to the changes!
    • Lighted up the final area thanks to the power of phantom lights!
    • Packed the .nav into the file. (Does this break workshop maps or is that a rumor?).
    • Opened up a lot of doorways around 2nd. This should also increase the visibility...
  6. The Spooky update!

    Updated cp_well_event to b2a (yeah sorry about the strange version-ing)
    Also known as:
    The Spooky update!

    • Added timeout event: When the timer runs out, several team-colored skeletons spawn from your last captured control point! The team which owns the most cp's will be awarded six skeleton kings, while the team with the disadvantage will only have two. The intention is that...