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Watertrack B6

RED is trying to launch a rocket to destroy BLU's base, you'll defend it or destroy it.

  1. BETA 6

    -made the shutter door entrance to last one-way, added "not an exit" sign
    -added more detailing
  2. BETA 4

    fixed missing clipping
  3. BETA 3

    added more detailing
  4. BETA 2

    -removed really short flank route to the ramp near third
    -removed "stupid one-way door" near red's first spawn based on feedback
    -added signs to point out the existence of another entrance to second
    -fixed cart being stuck on the big door exit on second point
    -added third entrance to last (shutter door) (yes it clips through the window I know)
    -added detailing to last
    -added detailing to red's first spawn
    -replaced textures in the brick building near the rollback hill after second
  5. bug fixes

    just fixed some bugs
  6. BETA 1

    This is a big update to the map, I added new flak routes and a second exit to blu's second spawn. I also added a lot of detailing.
  7. Alpha 7 and name change

    -removed op flank on second
    -reworked last
  8. Alpha 6

    -reworked second point
    -other changes I can't remember
  9. Alpha 5

    minor changes
  10. Alpha 4

    -added a banana near a death-pit sign
    -reworked last
    -added a new route to attack second
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