Watergate 2015-10-12

Pick up beer from fallen enemies and deposit these into the UFO tractor beam to score points.

  1. XEnderFaceX
    Version: 2015-10-12
  2. corpsgrinder360
    Version: 2015-10-12
    This map has its moments and its a very cool game mode i've always loved "team deathmatch" but 2 Fort just isn't fun
    1. Egan
      Author's Response
      Ya I think so also. I think it can be more balanced through multiple rounds but hopefully when the update goes live it will help with that.

      I think that deathmatch in this game favors players who know what they're doing - and that people who aren't good at deathmatch wouldn't like to be tested on their ability for it. I think deathmatch-savvy players want something like WG to test their skills and have fun with (like matchmaking but more casual, but not as meaningless as hightower).
  3. Malachite Man
    Malachite Man
    Version: 2015-10-12
    i love the map but where you got ufo prop from i would like to know
  4. The Siphon
    The Siphon
    Version: 2015-10-12
    This was picked to the game for a reason !
  5. joshi222
    Version: 2015-10-12
    Got to be the Best Map in Invasion, And r/TF2 Is All over the "We are in the beam" Line.