Waterdoom B3.1

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Updated to Beta 3.1!

Major Changes:
  • Changed additional time reward to 5 minutes on each checkpoint (previously was 4 minutes)
  • Dramatically (but still looks the same) changed water area near Payload start - from changed land-form to added platform on the left side of the bridge (from cart path)
  • The "Saloon" (near first RED spawn-room building) updated
    • Now has an additional room for both hiding from projectiles and refiling your health/gun needs on balcony
    • Balcony now has a very low fence
    • Added a small room just behind Saloon (pic)
  • Mines under the RED spawn room updated too
    • Details of ceiling
    • Lanterns now are hanged up to supports
  • Added a building (under texture development) the players can get into between second and third checkpoint area
  • More obstacle props - from crates to mining carts (not on payload track)
  • Visibility optimization (Still need to learn about how to use hints)
  • Added more gameplay signs
  • Doors at first checkpoint now opens after setup time finish (previously were opened normally and like Gorge door mechanism - never close themselves)
  • Added, removed, changed position or type of some health and ammo packs
  • Added a wall near Final Terminus building
  • For your safety - added handrails near Final Terminus
  • Decorated some areas by adding props and/or func_detailing
  • Third checkpoint exit updated:
    • Now has two small rooms
  • More!
Minor changes:
  • Decreased or increased size of signs of first checkpoint (A)