Waterdoom B3.1

NOTICE: Contains several gallons of water

  1. MrKat7214
    Full description of the map does not exist. Not by my laziness.

    A one-stage Payload map. BLU attacks and RED defends.
    • 4 checkpoints
    • 3 places in one stage (it's not multi stage)
    • Dynamic moments (eg. barricade that break through the cart progress)
    • Easter eggs
    • Several gallons of water
    Setup time: 1:05
    Mission start time: 7:45
    Maximum time: 10:00
    Time reward: 5:00
    Respawn rooms (BLU): 4
    Respawn rooms (RED): 3

    2016-01-14_00009.jpg 2016-01-14_00012.jpg 2016-01-14_00013.jpg 2016-01-14_00014.jpg 2016-01-14_00015.jpg 2016-01-14_00016.jpg

    Known issues:
    • On some uneven surfaces there's a little chance you can't move for 1 second.
    • In rare occasions, when Bomb cart is very almost to Final Terminus, it can fail to roll back.
    • When "riding on bomb", you can stuck on the ceiling in mines. The only way to get out is to suicide.
    For Workshop version, see here

Recent Updates

  1. Beta 3.1