Watercourse a9c

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Made stickybombs flow downstream.
Experimenting with making stickybombs float in the water.
Minor fixes and adjustments.
Overhauled point B forward hold to encourage red team to hold it and/or retake it.
Weakened a chokepoint at B to discourage holding it.
Added patch overlays beneath pickups.
Shortened cap time for B.
Slightly increased red team's respawn time.
Changed sunlight angle to highlight important landmarks better.
Shortened red team's respawn time at B.
Adjusted routes at B forward hold to make it easier for red team to retake and harder for blue team to bypass.
Edited the left flank at B to make spawncamping more difficult.
Added the eponymous watercourse at A and blue spawn area.
Edited blue spawn area so the watercourse could flow through it more naturally.
Made left flank at A more interesting.
Removed a bridge at B forward hold, as it was giving blue too much advantage over red's hold position.
Change the right flank at B to connect up with the lower control point room instead of the right side high ground. This is an experiment to improve gameplay flow.
Changed some health packs.
Adjusted respawn timers.
Other minor changes.
Overhauled point B to (hopefully) encourage red team to take the low ground when defending B.
Changed some health and ammo packs.
Adjusted some geometry at A.
Increased respawn times for both teams on B.
Made left and right flanks at point A more defendable.
Removed some windows at A.
Edited point B to be less cramped and give attackers direct access to the high ground.
Overhauled routes to point A to make holding side routes stronger and holding the point weaker.
Overhauled point B forward hold. The overall concept is the same, but it's larger and red should (hopefully) be able to hold it.
Increased point B cap time
Adjusted scaling at A.
Opened a flank route past A for spies.
Edited said flank to give less freedom to Blue team.
Added some more high ground for Red on the right flank at B.
Edited some geometry to make it easier to shoot down at B from the high ground.
Edited some geometry to remove a sightline on B.
Edited respawn times and cap times to more advantage Red when defending B.
Minor adjustments.
Shifted geo at A to block sightlines
Enlarged forward hold room at A
Changed medium ammo just past A to small ammo to make it a bit harder for Engineers to hold there
Removed high ground on the left at B forward hold
Added a healthkit and more cover to make it easier for red to hold the forward hold
Adjusted geometry to remove a major sightline at B
Enlarged B capture area a bit
Changed red spawn to make it harder to spawn camp
Other minor adjustments and fixes