Water Path a7

A fight for the point in an alpine setting.

  1. Update to path through river and balcony over looking the point.

    Biggest changes include:
    - Removed sewer path into river.
    - Cliff path above river has been replaced with a large room with a drop down into river. Added a medium med/ammo kit here as well.
    - Increased the side of the balcony over looking the point.
    - Added another path to get onto the balcony.
    - Added a path from the cliff medkit up into the base.
    - Improved lighting especially on the blue side where there were some darker corners.

    20190228134634_1.jpg 20190228134600_1.jpg 20190228134619_1.jpg 20190228134610_1.jpg 20190228134537_1.jpg 20190228134554_1.jpg
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