Water Path a7

A fight for the point in an alpine setting.

  1. Adjustments to warehouse and a new path around mid

    Noteable changes
    - The warehouse next to the point has been redesigned. I didn't receive any feedback on this specific area but it was obvious that this area needed to be redesigned, it just felt off. It was definitely overscaled.
    • Generally flattened out the interior area and the height differences so there are instead multiple smaller ramps.
    • Divided the warehouse into 2 rooms instead of 1 large room.
    • Shortened the path the flank room. Instead of going up stairs and around a few corners just to go back down stairs, there is a flat path from the medkit area in the warehouse.
    • Added a stairway that goes up to a small balcony overlooking the point.
    - The mid area has been expanded with a "side path" added to the capture point.
    • This should make it easier for teams that are pushing the point while not providing much of an added benefit for defending teams.
    - A balcony was added above the exit to warehouse overlooking the point. The balcony should only add a minor upperhand for both the offending and defending team as it is in clear sight from the point.
    - More signs to the point have been added.
    - Improved lighting in some of the outdoor areas.
    - Moved player spawns closer to the exits
    - Removed beam that was in the middle of the entrance to the point as players found them to be frustrating.

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