Water Path a7

A fight for the point in an alpine setting.

  1. opened up mid again

    Mid was clearly too cramped after my changes in the last update.

    Noteablechanges include:
    - Clipped off roof of center.
    - Blocked off the upper windows and one of the lower windows on each side.
    - Removed scaffolding from last update that allowed players to get on the roof.
    - Pushed out mid a little bit.
    - Removed a path and instead replaced it with a dead end containing a med/ammo kit
    - Removed some of the barriers blocking dropping from the 2nd level to the river.

    20190203135326_1.jpg 20190203131308_1.jpg 20190203135321_1.jpg 20190203135259_1.jpg 20190203135308_1.jpg
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