Water Path a7

A fight for the point in an alpine setting.

  1. Bigge update

    Hopefully this will focus the gameplay to the center a little more. Many of the paths were simplified.

    Changes the center:
    - Players can no longer bomb from the roof onto the point.
    - Drop from roof was converted into a room.
    - Added scaffolding so all classes can get on the roof.
    - Path from the water underneath the water has been closed off.
    - Removed most of the path that goes from the point to the spawn area.
    - Added path from each side to the point to hopefully clarify team sides a little more
    - Resulted in a larger play space in the water area itself.
    - Blocked off ramp that lead from the river to the warehouse


    - Blocked off the cliff that is on the opposing team's side
    - Added medium Health and Ammo kits


    - Reduced the side of the warehouse
    - Updated medium ammo kit to be a full kit


    - Updated transition from spawn to hopefully make this the main path and reduce the unneeded complexity.

    20190109131611_1.jpg 20190109131631_1.jpg
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