Water Path a7

A fight for the point in an alpine setting.

  1. Sightline overhaul in mid.

    Implemented changes based on feedback from a2 playtest. I appreciate all the comments! Hopefully mid feels a little less chaotic this time around. This was a quick update so not 100% on certain sightlines and not all feedback was taken into account for a3 but will in the future.

    Ultimately this should make the map a little more of a pitched battle and hopefully reduce some of the angles players will be coming from. The areas directly above the river feel a bit naked at the moment so I hope I can fill them in, in the future, with meaningful gameplay features instead of prop spam.

    - Closed off upper platforms near the point. There is still a sightline from the interior of each times side to the roof so that snipers have a sightline to the enemy's side of the roof.
    - Rotated the direction that players are facing when spawning so they are guided towards the high ground.
    - Closed off many sight lines cause from the lower transition from the spawn area to the middle.
    - Added an ammo kit near the point on each side.
    - Removed the bridge that goes over the river. It is still possible to reach the other side through well-executed jumps over the rocks.
    - Removed one of the ramps in the middle that lead from the mid-level to the point.
    - Split the windows on the point from one in the center to two on the flanks.

    20181230235229_1.jpg 20181230235310_1.jpg
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