vsh_distillery 23w18b

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tf2maps site had some issues causing people not being able to download the map, so i reuploaded
newer vscript, minor map edits
uploaded this one to the workshop, will be updated more in the future whenever new versions get released of the vscript + will add more custom stuff to the map sometime in the future
Updated vscript, some minor model changes, updated indoors soundscape, fixed trees disapearing, saxton ale,
Made new intro for Hale, he now bursts out of the building instead of spawning in a default room, and fixed a few things, added more ammo and health aswell
Added alot of detailing, custom props, bunch of fixes, map is nearly done
not much changes other than detailing and some visual bug fixes.
More detail, 50% more pines, tweaked lighting, newer vscript version
newer version of the vscript + few map changes, mostly detailing
more detailing, added small building to the side, like 2 more spell locations, lighting tweaks, replaced the bomb with a container that u can get inside of and some other minor things i probably forgot to mention


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