VMFSketch a1-hotfix1

A Rapid Prototyping Tool for vmf-Based Editors

  1. 2017-4-9: Bug fixes!

    William Bundy
    Changes for Alpha 1 Hotfix 1:
    1. Fixed a bug where brush editing could become unresponsive to input. (It was an issue where the UI and editor were fighting for input)
    2. Fixed a bug where text input would deactivate if the mouse was moved away. You can always click in the editor or press return to deactivate the current text input widget. (Note: things like WASD panning controls will still submit to both text input and the editor if the mouse is over the editor while a text input widget is selected. This might seem a little weird but it hasn't been a noticeable problem for me.)
    3. Layers now export their names and id's to the visgroups in the vmf. Instead of "Layer0" through "LayerN", you'll be able to see stuff like "Floors - 0", "Walls - 1", "Stairs - 2", "FloorsB - 3" etc.
    4. Updated the readme with some controls I forgot: while holding space for panning mode, pressing F will recenter and unzoom the camera, and pressing G will reset the grid to 64hu.
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