VMFSketch a1-hotfix1

A Rapid Prototyping Tool for vmf-Based Editors

  1. William Bundy
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    VMFSketch is a rapid prototyping tool for maps made with Valve's Source Engine.

    Quickly sketch a floor plan, add walls and ramps, then open in Hammer.
    To install: simply unzip the download to a folder. VMFSketch is currently Windows-only.
    You can press F1 in-app to view a visual layout of the controls.


    • WASD: move around.
    • 1, 2: Decrease/increase grid size, respectively
    • Decreasing the grid size makes the grid denser,
    • increasing it makes it sparser.
    • G, Shift-G: Move up or down a layer, respectively. Switching layers this way moves selected brushes too.

    Space: Enter panning mode
    • In panning mode, clicking and dragging moves the camera, like in Hammer.
    • F: Recenter everything (set camera coordinates to 0,0) and set scale
    • to 0.5.
    • G: Reset the grid size to 64hu

    Q: go to normal mode
    • Click on a brush to select it, ctrl-click to select multiple.
    • You can drag a rectangle to select multiple brushes

    E: go to edit mode
    • You can click and drag to create rectangular brushes.
    • Click on a brush to select it, ctrl-click to select multiple.
    • Once selected, the green handles let you resize brushes.
    • R, Shift-R: rotate selected brushes 90 degrees clockwise
    • or counterclocwise, respectively.
    • F, Shift-F: flip selected brushes horizontally or vertically,
    • respectively.
    • C, V: Copy, paste; just like normal, but without holding control.
    • X: Cut, copying selected brushes.
    • Shift-X, Delete: Delete selected brushes.

    T: go to vertex mode
    • In vertex mode, the red handles let you modify the vertices of brushes individually. This is a safe operation; VMFSketch will not generate invalid solids.
    • The blue handle lets you specify the low side for sloped brushes.
    • G, Shift-G: Move up or down a layer, respectively. Switching layers this way moves selected brushes too.

    Alpha 1 notes:
    • As far as I know, there aren't any crash bugs
    • Creating slopes on angled surfaces can mess up brush alignment. This seems to be an artifact of vertex to plane exporting. (likely to do with the corners selected to export)
    • There is no undo. Sorry. This is #1 priority for the next version.
    • For expedience, this version uses scancodes for keyboard shortcuts, which could cause some weirdness depending on the keyboard you use. Subsequent versions will have ways to remap keys.
    • Layers are always edited as if they're at X,Y=0,0, which leads to a distracting ghosting effect.
    • This version uses the Nuklear UI toolkit, which has been very good overall, but has a few issues. Text editing is barebones, property sliders are relatively inflexible, and window management is a giant pain. Subsequent versions will address these.
    • I release this as "alpha" software not because of the quality (which I'd like to think is decent; if not good then reasonably robust), but because of the feature set. VMFSketch is a 2D tool, which makes some things easier, but the trade off is that 3D is very hard to visualize and manipulate. I have plans to improve this in later versions, and add more features in general, such as layer rotations, individual brush heights, paths/rect carving, autolighting, autosealing, auto spawn placement, and entity editing.
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  1. 2017-4-9: Bug fixes!

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