1. Squeezit
    Creator: Squeezit

    Beta Release of Verde For Testing purposes!

    Clearly, the map is not aesthetically finished, but its stable enough for a playable release! There will most definitely be a payload revision after its completely finished as a CP map.

    For now I'm curious to see what the community thinks and can actually play it hands on rather than just over measly screenshots.


    • Clips need to be optimized for better movement and playability
    • Areaportals and hints will be added
    • Sounds will get fixed
    • Some overlays are buggy and those'll get fixed too
    • Red spawn interior is barren as fuck ad will get revamped soon
    • Displacements will get cleaned up and sewn
    • Maybe some more rooms/paths?
    • Patch the engie exploit atop the overpass (found by Ginsoldier)
    • yeah
    Also,please don't say there is too much green. Just paste "verde" into Google translate then give me a big hot kiss afterward.


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