uturn a6c

It's called that because the layout is in the shape of a U.

  1. The Sixth Alpha (Revision C)

    -Reduced Respawn Wave Timers for both teams during Point B
    -Minor layout changes to B
    -Reduced B's cap time to 8 seconds from 14
    -Increased A's cap time to 25 seconds from 22
  2. The Sixth Alpha (Revision B)

    -Minor capture point timer tweaks / amt of time capping A adds
    -Minor changes to B based off of feedback
    -Fixed up sloppy brushwork (tiny holes in the map)
    -Slight modifications to blu's spawn
  3. The Sixth Alpha (Revision A)

    -minor changes made based off of feedback
  4. The Sixth Alpha

    -Lots of layout changes, hard to properly describe
  5. The Fifth Alpha's Second Iteration

    -Modified the capture point areas for both a and b based off of feedback.
    -Reduced cap time for a and slightly increased b's cap time
    -Changed b's layout slightly to prevent unfair falls from the blue team's perspective
  6. The Fifth Alpha

    -Removed death pits
    -Modified Respawn Wave Timers / Cap times for both points
    -Changed A's layout as well as B's
    -Other minor changes related to glass and windows and pickups
  7. Alpha 4 A

    -Added more direction on where to go when the round starts for the red team.
    -Changed the water texture at last
    -Slightly reduced red team's respawn wave timers.
  8. The Fourth Alpha

    -Changed the location of Red's starting spawn
    -Modifed B to give Blue more angles of attack, making it easier to push.
    -Redid the lighting, hopefully there's no more annoyingly dark areas within buildings
    -Changed routing onto A to prevent unfair pyro pushes
    -Extended the area around A outwards to give attackers more space when attacking.
    -Minor changes to allow attackers more degrees of movement when attacking A
    -A little cliffside is added so that Attackers can have a second chance if they...
  9. The Third Alpha's Alpha

    -fixed the absence of a respawn room visualizer at red team's last spawn
  10. The Third Alpha

    -Made the last point a Pool
    -Made everything brighter
    -Modified Spawns for the Red Team