Multi Stage Utilia a1

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Large amount was changed in the layout; Australium pickup location and capture area moved farther apart. Stage 2 is being created by @Lain
  • Added a whole new area to the inside of the mountain.
    • Added due to complaints that the map was too small and fights where too short.
    • Due to this new area, I have moved the Australium Capture zone into the mountain. This should make it more difficult that previously.
  • Added team colours to the structures.
  • Changed "Intelligence" signs to "Australium" ones.
  • Big optimization pass.
  • Added bulletblock to the bridge that was allowing splash damage to pass through it.
  • Changed the side route at mid so other classes can use it.
  • Added pillars to the bottom area.
    • Done because this area was very flat and open.
  • Added signs at the spawn that indicate where the capture point and Australium are.
  • Moved spawn closer to the mid slightly.


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