Multi Stage Utilia a1

A multi-staged custom flag arena map.

  1. Vincent
    Utilia is a multi-stage map that incorporates arena with the capturing of a flag to respawn your otherwise dead teammates. If the enemy team is completely wiped out or the australium is captured twice you win. Winning the first stage will push you to stage 2, the losers defence stage. If a team wins twice in a row a team scramble occurs and the map is set back to stage 1.

    Originally when I created Utilia it was simply a single stage arena map. Now I'm teaming up with Lain to bring you all a two stage (essentially 3 stage) map with this new gamemode.

    If you would like to try to create a map with this gamemode head on over to my prefab thread.

Recent Updates

  1. Utilia Stage 2 Update (a4)