Underpass a7b

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Oh boy, I haven't touched this in over two years.
  • Made changes to the train timer
    • Added a "Both trains" option.
    • Fixed the "No train" option.
      • This means that there's now a 1/4 chance that the trains won't run for 60-120 seconds.
  • Added missing patches under pickups
  • Changed some signs around
  • Changed some textures
  • Slight optimization
  • Clipping fixes


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So it's been around 7 months since I last touched this, and in that time it placed in a contest, so I think people liked it. I made some small changes but I just want to get it tested before I do some of the MAJOR changes I have in mind. So here it is, ctf_underpass_a7.

-Alpha 7-
  • Closed up the vent to see how it impacts gameplay
  • Added platform on center pipe so it's easier to tell where the edge is
  • Medium health pack on pipe replaced with small health pack
  • Clipped a bunch of stuff
  • Fixed some lighting
  • Other stuff here and there
Ido said I could fix some minor issues. Here's an _a6b for you viewing pleasure. Now repacked!

-Alpha 6b-
Added some missing cubemaps
Clipping fixes
Fixed some texture alignment
Fixed lighting in Intel room
Fixed wrong team spectator cameras