ulti_fira b2a

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My primary experience with Fira has been playing the map in Ultitrio, so I will be reviewing it from that perspective. With this in mind, I think Fira is a very high-quality map; The map has a lot of cool verticality to work with, interesting ways around the point itself (which thankfully caps nice and fast), and having to play a game of chicken with somebody who's trying to prevent you from escaping inside spawn is honestly a lot more fun that one would anticipate! The detailing of the map is incredible, too; The seaside environment of what feels like Greece(?) is really unique, and it makes the map stand out among the rest of the Ulti- maps with some much-needed visual flare! The optimization of the map, too, is utterly superb. Genuinely just a great time! A solid 10/10.
Good job!