ULTIDUO ulti_fira b2a

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Apr 27, 2015
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Obviously, this is a working title
unless... 0_0

I was asked to make a ultiduo map so here it is...

The ultiduo map on cocaine: Jumppads, teleports, health stations, water jumps, teleport sacs, moaning, low spawn times, quick rounds, moaning, strategic positioning, moaning ... WHAT DOESN'T THIS MAP HAVE?

Trying every seasoning to give ultiduo the flavor it deserves.
Is there any competitive viability? Who knows we will find out later.
Too much gimmick? Perhaps.

Hopefully, child ultiduo maps can borrow what they like from this map. Primarily jump pads, I can see them catching on.


Thanks to @FlipFTW for hooking me up with playtesters.