1. The alpha polish update

    Malachite Man
    The alpha polish update:
    -A ton of polish has been done

    -fixed some small things
  2. The fix that one bug update

    Malachite Man
    The fix that one bug update
    -fixed spawns and their bug

    -fix other tiny things (there not not minor their pretty big)
  3. The quick fix update

    Malachite Man
    The quick Fix update:
    -fixed a ton of stuff

    -did tiny details

    -other small things

    -Packed correctly and repacked
  4. The geometry update

    Malachite Man
    The geometry update:
    -Made the geometry way more intersting

    -More detailing

    -Removed horrible sightline's

    -And other minor stuff

    -Added amazing posters by nicktf


    1. koth_ukiyo_a60012.jpg
    2. koth_ukiyo_a60013.jpg
    3. koth_ukiyo_a60015.jpg
    4. koth_ukiyo_a60016.jpg
    5. koth_ukiyo_a60017.jpg
    6. koth_ukiyo_a60018.jpg
    7. koth_ukiyo_a60019.jpg
    8. koth_ukiyo_a60020.jpg
  5. The patch update

    Malachite Man
    The patch update:
    -lit up the map so it is not as dark

    -made the kitchen look even more like the kitchen

    -fixed some syemmetry

    -detailed a little more

    -made the conveyor belt light more red

    -other small things
  6. The visual update

    Malachite Man
    The visual update:
    -did some more detailing

    -re-did some lights

    -made the kitchen look more like a kitchen

    -fixed the red block in spawn

    -did some more clipping

    -and other small changes
  7. The surprise update

    Malachite Man
    The surpise update!!!
    -spiced up the map with props

    -Did some detailing (maybe went a to overboard)

    -lowered roofs in spawn

    -remade the route leading to the sushi bar

    -made pretty lights

    -added the convoyer belt

    -added some easter eggs

    -hopefully packed the map

  8. ukiyo a2 the fix update

    Malachite Man
    ukiyo a2 release!!
    -fixed the blu resupply locker not working correctly

    -packed the map correctly (i think)

    -moved a few things around

    -added alot :psyduck: