Ukiyo a9

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Ukiyo a9

On hold

A map that takes place in a japanese restaurant also a collab between asenji and i

@Freyja for the japan content pack Alot and the sulfur content

@rexy for the forklift model and dog bread props

@timberghost_paintball for making the precipe prop pack

The contributors of the bulletcrops pack

@DioJoestar for the conveyer belt texture

@xi cynx for his freyja sushi poster

@Bakscratch for the watergate pack

for his danger sign pack

@NickTF for his awsome poster's

Malachite Man
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. The alpha polish update

    The alpha polish update: -A ton of polish has been done -fixed some small things
  2. The fix that one bug update

    The fix that one bug update -fixed spawns and their bug -fix other tiny things (there not not minor their pretty big)
  3. The quick fix update

    The quick Fix update: -fixed a ton of stuff -did tiny details -other small things -Packed correctly and repacked