twiglightshift a7

koth map

  1. koth_twiglightshift_a7 update

    -added jumppads
    -more detailing
    -readded health and ammo underneath the control point
  2. small fix

    -fixed respawn rooms
  3. twiglightshift a6 update

    -overhauled spawn and moved it closer to the point
    -added cover to the catwalk to block the sightline from point
    -add small health and ammo pack underneath the catwalk,removed pickups underneath the point
    -made some detailing,in style of cp_process
  4. not a real update, just map name fix

    -map name fix
  5. twiglightshift a5 update

    -added cubemaps
    -added a few lights
    -added hallway to the building with dropdows near control the point
    -added a catwalk
    -improved cliping
  6. twiglightshift update

    -fixed a few visual bugs
    -updated light_eviroment(whole map is a lot brighter now)
    -overhauled section near the contol point
    -removed the grate on the control point
  7. twilightshift a3 update

    -incerased brightness of the light_enviroment(whole map is a bit brighter now)
    -added details to the catwalks,catwalk house,room near the spawnroom
  8. a2 update

    -expaned the sniper balcony
    -engineers can no longer build in spawn
    -overhauled section next to the control point