72hr Truce A3

A Frontline KOTH map set in an undisclosed European town.

  1. Nevets
    What do you do with 24 drunk mercenaries, a town in the middle of a warzone, and one canceled truce day? Have said mercenaries kill each other in said town on said truce day, of course!

    This map is my first submission to TF2Maps.net. It was built for the 2016 72 Hour Summer Jam. The map itself features an increase in height as you progress towards the capture point. Most of the larger health and ammo packs are located a fair distance of the capture point. As such, dispensers and medics will be vital to hold the point. Alleys and buildings offer excellent place to defend from. While detailing is still in it's early stages, my plan is to create an early 20th century styled town using the Frontline textures and props.

    Any feedback towards making this map better is highly appreciated. As I mentioned before, detailing is still in it's early stages. As such most of the developer textures, lighting, and general blandness will be changed, as well as any required gameplay alterations.

    Updated to A2
    -Added some textures
    -More lighting
    -Reduced environmental lighting
    -Changed name from Wartorn to Truce
    -Added more clipping
    -Fixed a bug with Blue's spawn doors that let Reds open them

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: A2
    Not bad for a first map