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  1. wicked 2

    My SFM Poster/ Holy Pistol 2018-07-29

    I made a lot of effort to make this poster hope is nice
  2. ♦Lord_Ruchary♦

    72hr Pocket "Bonano" V1

    Here my upload to "The Winter 2017 72 hour TF2Jam!", The pocket bonano. A new cosmetic based off my pet called Roger (aka. Bonano), a dwarf rabbit with fallen ears. Features: -2 lods levels -Paintable
  3. djdisco

    72hr Upward's Heroic Medic 2017-2-11

    as red team struggles to defend the payload, Medic comes to heal Pyro in his efforts to kill Blu Hoovy. "Dead, No Big Soup Rice."
  4. Hosomi

    72hr koth_seclude a5

    Hidden in a sinkhole deep within the jungles of South America, two brightly coloured groups fight over a small square of land.
  5. Dr.Zomboland

    72hr koth_downhill a1

    I've made this withing the last hours of the jam, However i was working on a big project that i will release for the Frontline update.
  6. MacD11

    72hr ctf_submergence (Summer 72hr Map Jam Entry) 72hr (A0)

    ------------ Submergence ctf_submergence is a map made by me for the Summer 72 Hour Map Jam, and is also an work-in-progress map entry for the Frontline! community project. --- Set in an underground coastal submarine pen & secret base, RED & BLU fight over the rights to who owns the rights to...
  7. Alaxe

    72hr Vision Enhancers 2016-07-25

    Carrots help improve your vision overtime as you eat them, right? Well lets just cut the damn middle man and deliver those vitamins STRAIGHT TO YOUR EYEBALLS! ITS FOOLPROOF! (Soon to be a workshop submission) This skin replaces the Pop-Eyes for the Pyro with vision improving carrots! This...
  8. T

    72hr A Gibus 2016-07-24

    A gibus for Summer Jam 2016.
  9. vanSulli

    72hr Templant72 A3_1 Reupload

    Templant: Totally not Chemplant. Attack-defend stage for the 72 hour jam.
  10. Nevets

    72hr Truce A3

    What do you do with 24 drunk mercenaries, a town in the middle of a warzone, and one canceled truce day? Have said mercenaries kill each other in said town on said truce day, of course! This map is my first submission to TF2Maps.net. It was built for the 2016 72 Hour Summer Jam. The map...
  11. Greenz

    72hr Swimming Heavy GIF

    I Did Not Have Very Much Time to Create Something for the TF2Maps Summer 2016 TF2Jam but I Decided to Create my First SFM Animation (in the form of a GIF) in the Time I had. I Hope you Like it! Feel Free to Use it for Whatever you like (but Please Leave a Link to my YouTube Channel in the...
  12. HHGamers

    72hr Summer Jam Pun 2016-07-23

    I make a pun about jam. Both blueberry and strawberry jams. On a beach. (Works as desktop background)
  13. SidNax

    72hr ctf battle camp 4

    my first tf2 map made in the 72hr tf2 jam! by tf2maps.net