Cliffedge A10

A payload map at the edge... of a cliff. That's where the name comes from.

  1. n8five484
    Continuation of Cliffedge originally by basilhs333 and currently adopted by me.

    Inspired by Cashworks, it takes place at a Brewery at the edge of a cliff.

    Big thanks for @basilhs333 for creating the map and for letting me adopt it!

    Link to the original thread.

    pl_cliffedge_a80002.jpg pl_cliffedge_a80001.jpg pl_cliffedge_a80000.jpg pl_cliffedge_a80003.jpg pl_cliffedge_a80004.jpg


    1. pl_cliffedge_a80002.jpg
    2. pl_cliffedge_a80001.jpg
    3. pl_cliffedge_a80000.jpg