Tricia a6

Jungle-themed SD map that isn't Congo

  1. a6


    * the helicopter no longer lands on the capture zone; instead, the helicopter lowers altitude to a certain point and then lowers a crane hook into which players must deposit the flag; this is cos people didn't seem to enjoy being crushed by the helicopter or chopped up by the rotors very much (and also the helicopter would cover most of the capture zone, making it awkward to move around)

    * remade the helicopter voice lines, now they're shorter (and there are less of them)

    * removed...
  2. a5

    * added 6-second setup time, because apparently Special Delivery does that
    * fixed the flag return time, it now resets after 15s (thought I fixed this in the last version, apparently not)
    * added stuff to the flag pickup zone
    * changed the indoor area in the middle a tad
    * players can no longer build sentries in the trees
    * added delays to more of the helicopter pilot voice lines
    * made the helicopter rotors smaller, ya whining babies
    * fixed players being able to ride the helicopter...
  3. a4c

    * packed the custom content, which I apparently didn't do properly last time
    * players can no longer ride the helicopter... for real this time, folks
    * fixed the flag getting caught in the spawn doors

    Thanks Darren for finding these bugs and ultimately keeping my lazy ass in check. B)
  4. a4b

    * fixed another thing
  5. a4a

    * fixed a critical bug that only cropped up after I'd published the update, inconsiderate sod
    * fixed some sound files not playing

    it's 4am what do you expect
  6. a4

    * actually fixed a bug I thought I'd fixed in the last version (helicopter being signalled when the flag was returned before it had reached the capture zone)
    * added temporary audio cues for capture progress (among other things), courtesy of WillFromAfar
    * capture progress can now be blocked by enemies (this was another thing I thought I added in a3, this is what I get for rushing versions in time for imps I guess)
    * increased cap time from 12s to 15s
    * patched a displacement seam
  7. a3

    * completely remade the flag pickup zone... again
    * modified the spawn exit leading to the flag
    * fixed players being able to signal the helicopter without holding the flag
    * fixed the helicopter being signalled when the flag returns before it is brought to the capture zone
    * fixed players being able to block the helicopter by firing stickies at the rotors
    * reduced helicopter cap time from 18s to 12s
    * improved clipping
    * other general tweaks
  8. sd_tricia_a2a

    * packed custom content, 'cos I forgot to do that last time
  9. sd_tricia_a2

    * changed the way the helicopter works: when a team summons the helicopter, they must stand in the capture zone to lower the helicopter down. If the Australium is dropped, the helicopter ascends back up and hovers above the capture zone. If the Australium is returned, the helicopter flies off. (Thanks YM for making most of the entity setup!)

    * cleaned up helicopter logic: now there's just one grey helicopter, rather than a team-coloured helicopter

    * completely remade Australium pickup...