Trench a3

there was lots of stuff added so lemme just put it in a list :p

-point raised on a platform over the trench
-paths up to the point
-cover on the point
-2 small buildings added around the trench
-slightly modeled ground in front of spawn to allow heavies and such to go up the wall
-full health and ammo kits under the point, deep in the trench. might be changed into large kits if needed
-small ammo and health kits in both trench's side room were removed

ill upload images soonish but no clue when.
this is a small but kind of important change as its mostly the lights were made insanely brighter (so that you can see something now) and a few useless model outside the map were removed to make it less of a mess. also free screenshots of the new lightings (a few were also edited on the 1rst download's thingy)


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