Trench a3

first map lets do this :U

  1. Beenut
    everything "should" be working. i mean i tested multiple time and fixed all leaks but i have no clue if i missed anything or left something that was not supposed to be there :p

    things it has atm =
    -a small 2 story building on each sides with med health and ammo which has a small sniper perch which you can crouch jump on with most class (with scouts being able to just jump normally on it)
    -a big trench (get it?) in the middle where the control point is set that is impossible to climb by foot.
    -the trench is kinda surfable so that's a thing
    -2 small rooms underground to get out of the control point's hole

    what it needs that will come in the futur (set in the order that i feel is important)=
    -that annoyingly empty space that is left of spawn
    -some sort of cover in front of the wall that covers spawns so that its not such a sniper magnet
    -(possibility) making a middle platform over the cp so that there is more hights then just going down to the point
    -(possibility but will most probably be done very later in the alpha stage or in the beta) giving texture to the ground so its not so blocky

    i am open to all feedback (ps, i cant get better looking pics then the thumbnail as my pc is garbage :/ sorry)


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